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Customers of the Paradise Irrigation District are fortunate because we enjoy a high-quality water supply from the upper portion of the Little Butte Creek Watershed (about 7,400 acres). Water which falls within this watershed (mostly via rain, though a little from snow) flows into either Paradise lake and/or Magalia Reservoir. These two reservoirs are owned and operated by the District for the purpose of storing water for the residents of the District.

The PID treatment plant draws water primarily from Paradise Lake throughout the year, and secondarily from Magalia Reservoir for short periods throughout the year when needed; together they hold a total of 12,293 acre-feet of water. Runoff is collected over 11.8 square miles of watershed located primarily north of Paradise Lake and Magalia Reservoir. This watershed is heavily forested and sparsely populated, which contributes to the high-quality water we serve. PID's water treatment plant provides average flows in the winter and summer of 3 million gallons per day (MGD) and 8 MGD respectively.

The District drilled and developed a ground water source at the D Tank site. This well produces up to 450 gallons per minute (gpm) and is used as a drought management and emergency source. Water quality testing has been done to qualify it as an approved source.


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