Overview of current wise water use guidelines

Now, more than ever, it is important to use water wisely. This includes a common sense approach to watering (avoiding outdoor watering at the peak of the day's heat), not wasting water on driveways and irrigating efficiently. 


Water when?

  • No outdoor watering between noon and 6 pm. 

Water what?

  • No watering in a manner that, as determined at the discretion of PID, results in excessive runoff onto hard surfaces. 
  • Vehicle washing with potable water only permissable with use of a bucket and a hose with a shut-off nozzle. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Upon notification by PID, customer must repair leaks on customer side plumbing. 
  • Customers are encouraged to sign up for DropCountr to monitor water use and receive leak alerts.  
  • Occurrences of non-compliance, reported to, or observed by a District representative will be followed by a mailed or written warning. Only one such warning will be issued. Second and subsequent violations, observed by a District representative, will result in a personally delivered or mailed written notice of a $25.00 Quantity Surcharge to appear on the next water bill. 

To report water waste please call (530)877-4971

Please visit the California Water Boards website for further information regarding Water Conservation Emergency Regulations. 

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