Information for Paradise Residents rebuilding after the Camp Fire

On behalf of PID's Board and staff we would like to express our heartbreak for all our neighbors who are suffering due to the Camp Fire. We are working to restore services in Paradise and look forward to supporting you when you return and rebuild.

We've redesigned this page to answer some questions we've received from the community.

Ending Service:

You don't need to call PID to end your service.

Standby Status  (recommended):

All accounts have been placed in a standby status. What this means is the meter is shut off and billing will remain in effect at a reduced rate. Water will be available to you when requested or as soon as possible. The current rate for a meter on standby is $19.59 but will be adjusted to $21.49 in January (due to a rate increase approved in 2016).

Stay on the standby rate if you wish to remain a PID customer and want the district to continue to maintain your service line and meter. The monthly fee also covers administrative costs associated with having a maintained PID account. PID will fix any fire damage between the mainline and your meter location and restore water to the meter when requested as we are able. Customers should check with their insurance companies and ask if this recurring monthly fee is reimbursable under “additional living expenses”.

Permanent Disconnect:

Customers have the option of permanent disconnect and can have their billings stop completely. However, because the service will not be maintained by PID, the owner will be responsible to pay the actual cost to reconnect, including labor and materials such as service line from mainline to meter, a new meter, and backflow device, if required. Customers should disclose in any property sales that the property does not have water service. 

The Disconnect Form may be downloaded from   pdf here (238 KB) . You must include a photocopy of a current California ID when you return the form.

Tenants do not need to contact us to disconnect service. If you have questions, please contact your landlord or property manager.

General Information


Property owners

How do I open a new account?

If you have recently purchased a home, AND went through a local title company, you may already have an account with PID. Please contact the District office if you would like to verify that you have an open account with us.

What can I do to cancel water service?

Because PID bills directly to the owner of a property, a water service is never cancelled unless there is a transfer of ownership or the owner requests the meter be permanently removed. If a local title company is used, the transfer is done automatically. However, in the case where a private transfer has occurred, or you are using a title company outside of Paradise, we will require a copy of the recorded document naming the current owner. If you are going through a foreclosure, the District will require the name of the financial institute foreclosing, and the foreclosure document.

Unless a meter is permanently removed, water service is subject to a readiness-to-serve fee. The fee for an unused and sealed meter is half the regular monthly service charge and a one time $20.00 fee to seal the meter. Only the owner of the property can request that the meter be sealed. Contact the District office to discuss options for permanently discontinuing service.

How do I change the name on my water account?

Your account name must match the name recorded with Butte County as the owner of the property. If you have recently changed your name, or have named another person as a joint tenant, the District will change its records when a copy of the recorded document showing the change is brought to the District office.

Who can authorize changes in my water services?

Only the property owners are allowed to make changes to the water services, however if you wish to have another person authorize changes in your water service, we will require a signed agreement from you the owner, and the person named to authorize any arrangements made. If you are a person caring for a loved one, and in possession of a power of attorney document, you may bring the documentation to the District office, and we will change our records accordingly.

document property management authorization form (560 KB)

Want to send a bill to your tenant? Please fill out and return our  document duplicate bill authorization form. (549 KB)

Tenants & property managers

Can a property manager make decisions regarding my water service?

In the case where an owner of a property is contracted with a property manager, there must also be a signed agreement made with PID authorizing the manager to make water decisions. Please contact the District office for the contract agreement.

Are you a tenant?

Tenants will need to have the property owner/ property managers contact PID to get you signed up to receive copies of the water bill.  Once an owner has authorized us to send you a bill you can contact the PID office to change your mailing address or to sign up for e-bills. 

New meter orders

Please contact our customer service specialists to begin the process of ordering your meter.

Click here to view meter installation charges according to meter size.

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