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  • Tom Lando - District Manager
    Phone: (530)877-4971
  • Georgeanna Borrayo -  District Secretary
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File a Claim with Paradise Irrigation District (PID) 

What You'll Need: 

  • Personal Information 
  • Witness Information (If any) 
  • Date, time and place of incident 
  • Complete the statement of occurrence
  • Description of the indebtedness, obligation, injury, damage, or loss incurred so far as it may be known 
  • Name(s) or the public employee(s) causing the injury, damage, or loss (if known) 
  • The amount claimed if it totals less than $10,000 (If the amount claimed exceeds $10,000. no dollar amount shall be included in the claim. However, it shall indicate whether the claim would be a limited civil case) 
  • Listed date, time, and signature of completion of the form 

Steps for Completion:

  • Open the PID Claim Form linked above which can be printed and hand-written, or filled in via electronic download and printed 
  • Fill in the applicable information requested on the form in relation to the incident in which you are reporting 

Submission Options: 

Fax your completed Claim Form to our Main Office
   Attention: District Secretary 

Mail your completed Claim Form to our Main Office 
   Attention: District Secretary
   6332 Clark Road
   Paradise, CA 95969

Hand deliver your completed Claim Form in person to our Main Office 
   6332 Clark Road 
   Paradise, CA 95969 

Our Main Office is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. except for Holiday Closures
For any questions, please call (530)877-4971. 

PID Claim Form

PID Fire Victim Trust Settlement

On May 09, 2022, it was announced that Paradise Irrigation District (PID) had reached a settlement with the Fire Victim Trust (FVT) in the amount of $189,485,000 resulting from its claim that followed the 2018 Camp Fire. This is the approved claim amount. The Trust is a capped fund that may or may not be able to satisfy all approved claims in full. Payment of PID's full claim is subject to the Trust's payment percentage applicable to all fire victims which may be adjusted from time to time. PID hopes eventually all claimants receive 100 % of their claim. PID has received equal treatment to all who have submitted claims to the FVT; PID has also only received 45% of its approved claim amount.


Community Benefits

  • The FVT settlement benefits PID customers by maintaining water affordability.
  • PID is now able to keep moving recovery projects forward. 
  • PID's operational deficit is currently 2 - 4 million dollars per year, and the FVT settlement ensures PID is viable as a long-term entity providing clean water to the town of Paradise. 

While the settlement amount is significantly less than PID's damages, PID will reasonably manage the settlement funds and continue to pursue grants and other outside funding sources, in conjunction with implementing operational efficiencies to ensure the long-term water sustainability for Paradise. 

As the drinking water provider for Paradise and the surrounding community, PID is dedicated to producing and delivering a safe, dependable supply of quality water in an efficient, cost-effective manner with service that meets or exceeds the expectation of the community. 


Questions about PID's FVT settlement can be directed to: 
Tom Lando, PID's District Manager 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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