PID advises bottled water only for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth for  all Paradise Irrigation District customers: Here's what residents should know.

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Water Emergency? Call 24/7 (530) 877-4971

  • Disconnect and drain the garden hose connections.
  • Close outside vents, crawl spaces and doors so cold air doesn’t seep inside.
  • Repair broken windows, etc.
  • Insulate!!!
  • Wrap water lines, backflow device and meters in insulation.
  • Wrap pipes subject to cold or freezing, especially pipes that may be above ground and exposed to freezing temperatures.
  • Locate The Shut-off Valves
  • Make sure the valves at your PID connection or backflow are working.
  • Place a tag on the main shut-off valve. Make sure everyone in the house knows where it is and how to operate it in an emergency.
  • If you’re going away, keep a minimum amount of heat on in the house. This will help protect the pipes in case the temperature drops.
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PID continues to monitor developments regarding COVID-19. Here are the steps we are taking to do our part to continue to protect the health and safety of our Paradise community. Information is subject to change and will be updated here.

Customer Service


COVID-19 Impact

Date Updated

Office Visits


Please contact us by phone, email or chat.


Payment Options

Convenience fees waived



Reaching Customer Service (M-F 9 to 4)

We've made improvements to our phone and online services.


Penalties / Shutoffs for non-payment

Waived until further notice



Field Work / Service Calls


COVID-19 Impact

Date Updated

Service Lateral Replacements for REBUILDS  NO IMPACT - WORK CONTINUES N/A

Emergency Response

Up to a 45 minute response. Call 24/7 530-877-4971 3/19/2020

Fire Flow Tests

Limited - Customers may experience delays 3/19/2020

New Interim Water Hookups

Limited - Customers may experience delays 4/1/2020




COVID-19 Impact

Date Updated

Board Meetings

Streamed via Facebook. The public will be allowed to comment and interact with the board via Facebook commenting.

Learn how to change your Facebook settings so you're notified when we go live


Committee Meetings

See agendas for options to participate via telephone / online. 4/1/2020
Community Meetings

The April 13th Community recovery update meeting is CANCELLED

Water Service Basics for Contractors series of meetings are CANCELLED



Paradise Lake Recreation


COVID-19 Impact

Date Updated

Recreation  OPEN  N/A


Water Fill Stations


COVID-19 Impact

Date Updated

Filtered Water at Treatment Plant CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 3/19/2020

Fill Stations at 6332 Clark Road

OPEN 24 / 7

Fill any size jug and large containers up to 300 gallons

Handwashing station available. Please wash your hands before and after using the fill stations.


Free 5 Gallon Jugs for Resident

Available via self-serve pickup and prove residency at 6332 Clark Road. Pickup form and jugs are in the front entryway.  3/19/2020

Bottled Water 

Available at the Paradise Hope Center
311 Circlewood Drive
Paradise CA 95969

Visit their Facebook page for updates and changes. 


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Water Safety

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies. Based on current evidence, the risk to the water supply is low. The Paradise Irrigation District already treats and disinfects its water to protect water quality from waterborne pathogens such as viruses. Our customers can continue to use Paradise water to wash their hands in accordance with their current water advisory. As a reminder, unless the water advisory has been lifted for your property, all Paradise properties are still under the post-Camp Fire Water advisory issued in December 2018. If you’re not sure if the advisory has been lifted for your property you can find information on our online map ( or call our office at 530-877-4971.


It is our pleasure to continue to serve our community and we appreciate and thank you for your continued cooperation.
Paradise Irrigation District

The registration period for water testing June 1 - June 15 has ended. 

There’s been a lot of talk about how consumers will be affected by California’s two new long-term water-use efficiency conservation bills (SB 606 and AB 1668), which were signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on May 31.

The two new laws call for the creation of indoor and outdoor water-use targets for water agencies such as Paradise Irrigation District.

While the details haven’t been fully worked out, be assured that PID is working closely with state officials to determine how the district—and its customers—can best comply with the new requirements.

Here are a few questions we’ve heard—and the answers as we understand them now. As always, if you have specific questions about your water use, call PID at 877-4971 and we’ll work hard to get you the answers.

What does PID need to do?

Starting in 2023, urban water suppliers (such as PID ) will be required to submit a calculated urban water-use objective to the state. Urban water suppliers will be required to meet their water use objective by 2027, or face the possibility of fines. The urban water use objective will be based on customer residential water use efficiency standards for indoor and outdoor water use, and system-wide water loss standards.

Will individual water users be fined for exceeding water-use objectives?

No. The bills establish possible fines, starting in 2024, on local water agencies that do not meet their water-use objectives. These fines would be levied on the agencies, not individuals.

Will the state require individuals to adhere to a specific water use standard?

No. The water-use objectives target PID and are based on our district’s system-wide, aggregate water use. There is no requirement in these bills that individual households must adhere to a specific water-use standard.

How will PID meet these new urban water use objectives?

Each year, PID will be responsible for making sure water use meets the objective and helping our customers use water more efficiently so PID can meet those objectives.

How will the state calculate water efficiency standards?

Standards will be calculated using water efficiency standards for indoor and outdoor water use that are developed through research and public input.

The indoor calculation will initially be based on a provisional standard of 55 gallons of water a day per person in each household.

The outdoor calculation is still being determined, but will account for local climate and the number of irrigable acres, including residential and commercial outdoor landscaping in the district’s service area. Variances for special circumstances will also be allowed.

In 2025, the indoor standard is provisionally scheduled to change to 52.5 gallons of water a day per person. In 2030, it is provisionally scheduled to change to 50 gallons of water a day per person.

State water efficiency standards will use this calculation to develop an aggregate goal for PID. For example, a water agency that estimates it’s serving a population of 2,500 people would have a water efficiency standard based on 2,500 X 55 gallons per day. Outdoor and system water loss calculations are still being determined.

Will commercial water users be required to use water more efficiently?

Yes. By 2022, the state will adopt water use efficiency performance measures for various commercial, industrial and institutional (schools, parks, etc.) water users.

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