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Project Description

PID gets most of its water from Little Butte Creek; much of this water is stored in Paradise Lake and Magalia Reservoir. The district holds water rights permits to store about 18,300 acre-feet from Little Butte Creek administered by the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB). Permits from SWRCB tell water rights holders when they can divert water and how much they can divert. PID holds two permits from SWRCB that authorize diversion to storage in the district’s two reservoirs at various times of the year. PID also holds a pre-1914 adjudicated right for a year-round direct diversion from Little Butte Creek.

Simply having the water rights permits does not guarantee them, however. The district must demonstrate the need for the amount of water in order to “perfect” the rights. Part of that process involves showing SWRCB that the district has or will have the facilities needed to store the full amount of water granted in the water rights permits, and that the district has made beneficial use of the water in the past.

This project includes an extensive investigation of the environmental impacts of constructing additional storage and of diverting water from Little Butte Creek to storage.  It also involves the analysis of past diversions of water to identify the amount of water perfected under the permit.  District staff and its water rights and environmental consultants are working, in consultation with water board staff, to secure the rights to a water supply that is reliable and adequate to meet the needs of the community.


Spending Plan

 Project Phase Previous Fiscal Year Expenses  Fiscal Year 23/24  Fiscal Year 24/25  Fiscal Year 25/26 Total
 Consultant and study fees $211,218 $50,000 $369,391 $369,391 $1,000,000
 Total $211,218 $50,000 $369,391 $369,391 $1,000,000

Funding Source

Project Status

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PID's board considered these alternatives:

There are no alternatives to this work as PID must ensure it has a reliable water supply that is adequate to meet the needs of the community. 


Benefits to PID and its Customers

Reliable water supply will help the district provide water to our community for many decades into the future.

Anticipated Project Timeline

Concept Approval

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Jan. 2010 Jan 2010 - Current - n/a 2026

Audio Recording of Water Rights Presentation to the PID Board

Paradise Irrigation District holds two permits from the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) that authorize diverting water from Little Butte Creek to the district’s two reservoirs. But, as you’ll find out in this audio recording presented by PID's consultant, Paula Whealan during then February 21, 2018 PID board meeting, having the water rights doesn’t guarantee them. Discover what the district is doing to demonstrate the need for this water now and in the future in this informative 1 hour 34 minute presentation. No, it may not be as fun as watching kitten videos, but you’ll learn about the steps and studies PID must complete to secure the rights to a water supply that is reliable and adequate to meet our community’s needs.



Project details updated October 2020

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