Storage Tank Rehab

Project Description

PID’s maintenance schedule calls for rehabilitating three of the districts water storage tanks, C, D and E. Maintenance rehab includes cleaning and painting each tank, inside and out, and making necessary structural repairs.

In December 2017, consultants completed a condition assessment to rank the maintenance priority of each tank. The Board of Directors shall consider funding one tank rehab per year, starting with the tank in the worst condition.


Spending Plan

 Project Phase Previous Fiscal Year Expenses  Fiscal Year 16/17  Fiscal Year 17/18  Fiscal Year 18/19  Fiscal Year 19/20  Fiscal Year 20/21 Total
 Planning  -   -  $18,000 -  -   -  $18,000
 Design  -   -  $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $32,000
 Construction  -   -   -  250,000 250,000 $250,000 $750,000
 Total - - $26,000 $258,000 $258,000 $258,000 $800,000

Project Manager

Funding Source

Project Status

planning icon Planning

PID's board considered these alternatives:

There are no alternatives.


Benefits to PID and its Customers

PID’s storage tanks will continue to function well and their useful life will be extended.

Anticipated Project Timeline (Year One)

Concept Approval
planning icon
design icon
construction icon
completed icon
Dec. 2017 Jan. 2018 Feb. 2018 - June 2018 July 2018 - Oct. 2018 -


Project details updated November 2017

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