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Project Description Mainline Replacement Project Phase I

This is a three phase project, likely continuing until a decade (until 2034). This project is designed to replace and repair the water distribution main pipelines and related appurtenances that were damaged and/or contaminated as a result of the 2018 Camp Fire. This includes replacement and/or repairs of 79,466 LF of water main pipe and service laterals based on initial sampling results and damage assessments performed to date. The project also includes repair of additional leaks resulting from the 2018 Camp Fire and. The project also includes costs relating to project/construction management. Mainline repair is expected to begin FY2023/24 and is expected to be completed over a 10-year time frame.  

Spending Plan Estimates

 Project Phase  Prior Years  Fiscal Year 23/24  Fiscal Year 24/25 Fiscal Year 25/26 Total
 Design / Management  -  $399,730 $889,448 $600,000  $1,889,178
 Construction  -  $0 $8,894,484  6,000,000 $14,894,484
 Total - $399,730 $9,783,932 $6,600,000 $16,783,662

Project Manager

  • Water Works Engineering/ and Blaine Allen, District Engineer

Funding Source

  • FEMA Disaster Recovery Funds / Insurance/CalOES, PID Operating Fund

Project Status

construction icon Construction




Benefits to PID and its Customers

Restoration of pipelines damaged during the 2018 Camp Fire. The project includes backflow prevention as mitigation to prevent future damage from wildfires. Replacement of these mains will provide better flows, newer infrastructure, and longevity to the system.

Anticipated Project Timeline

Concept Approval
planning icon
design icon
construction icon
completed icon
Complete Complete Complete March 2024 - Nov 2025  Nov 2025


Mainlines in this project

Portions of:

  • Xeno
  • Judy
  • Gracephil
  • Scandia 
  • Farber
  • Linry
  • Cypress
  • Clark Rd
  • Crandall
  • Deodara
  • Himmel
  • Forest
  • York Towne
  • Paradise Ave
  • Moon-Hazel
  • Fawndale
  • Sawmill
  • Feather River Place
  • Skyway
  • Pacific-Orchard
  • Coral Ave / Coral Circle
  • Bella Vista-Del Monte
  • Aspen
  • Lowry
  • Graystone
  • Kemlyn
  • Woodsdale

pdf Click to View Mains Replacement Project Drawings (22.86 MB)

Project Info for all three phases from the original FEMA Assessment

  • Main Line Replacement:

  • Estimated Leak Repair:




Project details updated January 2024


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