Request for drinking water at property for temporary housing

Work could begin as soon as late January depending on weather.

PID is dedicated to doing the work of replacing fire-damaged service laterals so that you have clean drinking water where you're living temporarily in Paradise. 

Requirements for service lateral replacement to temporary housing:

  • You have to be living on the property or intending to move to the property soon.
  • Your new service lateral will be a 1” (This is the most common size for residential service. If you rebuild on the property later and require a larger service line, you will pay the cost of the upgrade).
  • Your new service (meter) will be at or near the same location as existing location.
  • You have to have interim water (backflow device). A 1" interim water device costs $546.76 and there is a current 6-week wait for PID to install the device.
  • Your monthly bill will increase from the sealed rate to the regular monthly service charge for water; $42.98 per month.