pid crews install pipeline

The treated water from the plant flows by gravity though a 42-inch pipeline to a central reservoir in the Town of Paradise. From there water is distributed by gravity to four water storage tanks (emergency storage) located at different elevations throughout town. There is one pressurized (pumped) zone at the upper portioin of the town, this area also includes a tank for emergency storage.

The tanks were installed in the late 1960s.Ongoing annual inspection and periodic rehabilitation work to maintain the tanks were accomplished in 2014 and 2017 and more work is expected in 2018.
There is a network of 2-inch to 30-inch pipes throughout the Town of Paradise which total about 172 miles. About 1/3 of the pipe material is steel; the remainder is plastic and a small amount of asbestos cement (less than 10% of the total system. There are about 4,000 valves and 1,100 hydrants in the system. The hydrants are maintained by the Town of Paradise and the valves by the District.

More than 26,000 ridge residents receive PID water through more than 10,500 service connections to their meter. The water service pipes to homes and businesses are comprised primarily of high density polyethylene (HDPE), galvanized steel and copper. There is no lead pipe used in the distribution system or the water service connections.


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