PID advises bottled water only for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth for  all Paradise Irrigation District customers: Here's what residents should know.



Community Meeting - Water Recovery Status

Monday, September 16, 2019

Presented by Paradise Irrigation District
For the latest updates on the outstanding progress made toward the estoration of Paradise’s Water System, Presenters will include
Dr. Gina Solomon, Public Health Institute.

Dr. Solomon will describe a new study by the Public Health Institute, in partnership with UC San Francisco and UC Davis scientists, to test water quality inside standing homes. They will be looking for volunteers to have their homes tested when the study is scheduled to begin in early October.

In addition, the Paradise Irrigation District, supported by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), will detail the headway it has made toward restoring your water system based upon on-going testing of the main distribution system and the numerous parcels where water advisories have been and continue to be lifted. PID officials will also describe the next steps as we get closer to full recovery and will be available to answer questions following the meeting.

Paradise Alliance Church
6491 Clark Road
Paradise CA 95969

Location 6491 Clark Road, Paradise CA 95969