Understanding your bill

You can review, manage and pay your bill anytime, anywhere by visiting myPIDBill.com. We've created this page to provide an overview of your bill so you'll know exactly what you're paying for and what to expect. 

Bill summary

bill summary


The bill summary box shows you just the basics of the bill.
  • Your account number
  • Due Date is the payment due date for the current billing period.
  • Amount Due is the total amount due including current and past due amounts (The text here will read "CREDIT BALANCE" if nothing is due).

    * Important - Any unpaid or past due balance is due immediately.

  • Service address - The property where water service is received.
  • Amount enclosed - Space for you to write in the payment amount you're sending.


Important dates


The top of the bill shows relevant dates for this billing statement.
  • Service Dates - This is the billing period for this bill.
  • Bill Date - The date PID printed and mailed this bill.
  • Due Date - is the payment due date for the current billing.
    * Important - Any unpaid or past due balance is due immediately.



Water use

Where to find water use on your bill.


The consumption portion of the bill shows the current and historical water use for this account.
  • Current Read - The meter read on the day the service period ended.
  • Previous Read - The meter read on the day the service period began.
  • Usage - The number of units of water used during this billing period. One unit = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.
  • Chart - Shows water consumption history (in units and in gallons) according to billing month. 
  • Yearly Consumption - Compares usage on the current bill with the same period from last year.


Billing detail

Summary of all activity


The billing details shows you all activity since the last billing statement.
  • Previous Balance - The amount due shown on your previous statement.
  • Payments - A summary of all payments received since your last statement.
  • Adjustments - Miscellaneus fees or charges for additional services.
  • Previous Balance OR Credit Balance - The past due (or credit) balance (if any) on your account as of the bill date.
  • Penalty - The late payment penalty applied to the previous balance.

Current billing

  • Water Usage Charge - Charges for the USAGE on this statement.
  • To verify the quantity charge:
    • Multiply the "USAGE" by the current charge for consumption (example: 10 x $1.62 =  $16.20)
    • As of January 2018 the consumpion charge is $1.61 per unit.

Service charges

The service charge, reserve surcharge and debt surcharge stay the same each month. As of January 2018, the monthly service charge for residential service is $39.18.

What does the service charge include?

  • Town Hydrant Fund - This amount is collected each month for the Town of Paradise. The amounts collected are used for fire hydrant maintenance and projects that improve fire fighting capabilities. Click here to read about the Country Club Road pipeline project - just one example of the types of projects supported by this fund.
  • Current Bill - The amount due for the current billing period.
  • Total Amount Due - The total payment amount due including current bill, previous balance, penalties, and and other miscellaneous charges.


News or important instructions

Where to find important news from PID on your bill


Read this section of the bill each month for important messages about the District, changes to procedures, price adjustments, legal notifications and more.


The section of your bill used for authorization


This special ID number only displays on the 'owner' bill (hidden on duplicate bills to property managers and tenants). Use this number to verify ownership when you call in to make changes to your account. 



Payment slip

Tear off the bottom portion of the bill to include with your payment.


Return this slip with your payment if paying by check or money order. Please do not mail cash. Cash payments may be made at the main office - 6332 Clark Road, Paradise, CA 95969.

  • Be sure to write in the amount of your payment in the Amount Enclosed section.
  • Note: Don't forget to write your account number on your check or money order.

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