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"I have always been very pleased with the service and personnel at PID." ~ PID Customer - March, 2017


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PID customers will see an increase in their February water bill; the water district’s rates went up as of Jan. 1, 2018.

PID’s board of directors approved a rate change in April 2016; that change PID rates increased in January includes projected rates through 2018, with the board having the option of decreasing the approved rates if the district’s financial situation merits the change. The rates, however, could not go higher than approved by the board in

The board voted last month to delay the full increase until 2019, implementing only a portion of the approved increase in 2018. For the average PID customer, the rates increased by 11%—less than the 18% increase permitted. The average PID household uses about 14 HCF units monthly, meaning the average residential bill for water plus the total service charge was $56.02 in 2017. In 2018, that total will be $61.72.

PID offers a $10 monthly rebate to customers qualifying for the Customer Assistance Program. For qualification information, call 877-4971 or go to

2018 rate comparison chart


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Spillway Study

In the wake of recent failure of the Oroville Dam Spillway, the Division of Safety of Dams (California Department of Water Resources) is requiring owners of high hazard dams to conduct a comprehensive study of their spillways. PID has two spillways affected by this requirement: one each at Paradise Lake and Magalia Reservoir. Following the detailed analysis, PID will be required to make any required spillway repairs/upgrades which are found necessary.

Water Rights 101

Paradise Irrigation District holds two permits from the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) that authorize diverting water from Little Butte Creek to the district’s two reservoirs. But, as you’ll find out in this audio recording presented by PID's consultant, Paula Whealan during then February 21, 2018 PID board meeting, having the water rights doesn’t guarantee them. Discover what the district is doing to demonstrate the need for this water now and in the future in this informative 1 hour 34 minute presentation. No, it may not be as fun as watching kitten videos, but you’ll learn about the steps and studies PID must complete to secure the rights to a water supply that is reliable and adequate to meet our community’s needs.

Spillway Study
Spillway Study